A unique partnership between St. Petersburg College
and Pinellas County Schools, the Early College Program
offers college credit hours as well as high school credit
at no cost to highly motivated students in grade 11.

Earn as many as 60+ credits towards a 4-year bachelor's degree through participation in the Early College Program.

See how through the Fast Track Baccalaureate Program!

Who is eligible?

Students entering grade 11 in Pinellas County public schools, private or home-education programs. There is no cost for application, tuition, courses or textbooks.

What's required?

  • A 3.0 unweighted cumulative GPA or higher.
  • Satisfactory scores on the College Placement Test (CPT/PERT) or SAT/ACT/FCAT.
  • Private school and home-education students will be required to enroll in a public high school to participate. All students will remain dual-enrolled in their assigned high schools. This allows students to participate in extracurricular activities while taking classes at the college.
  • Enrollment in a minimum of 15 credit hours each term, leading to simultaneous completion of the high school diploma and the Associate in Arts degree.

Students obtain their high school diplomas from their assigned high schools, and their Associate in Arts degrees from SPC. Students who enter in 11th grade receive a high school diploma and an A.A. degree after meeting all of the graduation requirements.

Application process step by step

  1. You must attend an information session. Check this site for upcoming dates and times.
  2. Complete a St. Petersburg College application.
  3. Complete the College Placement Test.
  4. Submit the College Placement Test scores, high school transcripts and student data release form to the Early College Program Office by the established Feb. 10 deadline.