Adjunct/Supplemental Hiring Process

Effective 7/20/09

For assistance call Human Resources Employment Team at (727) 302-6889


1.      Adjunct applicants (non-supplemental) complete the on-line Adjunct employment application:

2.      Department submits the Adjunct/Supplemental Personnel Action Authorization Request form (Adjunct-PAAR) via email

3.      Appropriate Cabinet supervisors need to be copied on the emailed PAAR form. The PAAR will be considered "approved" for processing unless an email to the contrary is received from the designated cabinet member copied on the PAAR.

4.     Department  completes the Faculty Credential form and forwards to Human Resources along with application, as well as official transcript(s) listed for all degrees/coursework identified on the degree information section of the application to the Provost or Dean for approval.

 (In cases where original transcripts have not been received in a timely manner, the first check for the adjunct will be processed and held in HR until receipt of the missing transcript(s)).

5.      Once PAAR is received in HR, a team member contacts applicant to schedule orientation, which also includes fingerprinting and employment verification forms.

6.  PAAR will be processed into the PeopleSoft HR system following the completion of the orientation session as well as receipt, review, and approval of all credentialing materials.

7.  An email notification will be sent to the Adjunct verifying ECH rate, with a copy sent to the director/dean.

8.  When the course information is entered into the PeopleSoft Student Administration Instructor/Advisor table, an email notification will be sent to the program director/dean.