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Faculty Salary Schedule
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Position Descriptions
12-Month Salary Schedule
30 Equated Credit Hour Change in Academic Credentials
36 Equated Credit Hour


Faculty Job Descriptions



Faculty Job Descriptions - Baccalaureate Programs

Academic Department Chair

Counselor (academic)

Counselor/Learning Specialist (academic)


Counselor, Transfer and Support (academic)

Counselor-In-Charge (academic)


Instructor, Computer Related Crime Investigations and Information Technology Security Program

Instructor, Collegiate High School

Instructor, Ethics

Instructor In Charge, Applied Ethics

Instructor In Charge, Emergency Management / Fire Science

Instructor In Charge, Public Policy and Administration

Information Services Librarian – Community Services and Special Programs

Librarian, Information Services

Resource Instructor, Collegiate High School

Associate Professor/Professor - Business Management

Associate Professor/Professor- Communications

Associate Professor/Professor - Dental Hygiene BASDH Program

Associate Professor/Professor - Elementary Education

Associate Professor/Professor - Elementary Education with ESOL

Associate Professor/Professor - Finance - T&M Program

Associate Professor/Professor - Finance & Management

Associate Professor/Professor - Health & Human Services

Associate Professor/Professor - Information Technology

Assistant/Associate Professor - Information Technology/Organizational Leadership

Associate Professor/Professor- Law

Associate Professor/Professor - Law & Communication - T&M Program

Associate Professor/Professor - Marketing - IB Program

Associate Professor/Professor - Mathematics Education

Associate Professor/Professor - Nursing BA Program

Associate Professor/Professor - Orthotics and Prosthetics

Assistant/Associate Professor, Public Safety Administration

Associate Professor/Professor - Science Education

Associate Professor/Professor - Special Education

Assistant/Associate Professor - Veterinary Technology


30 Equated Credit Hour (ECH) Salary Schedule

I (Associate's) $32,255 $49,329
II (Bachelor's) $35,479 $54,260
III (Master's) $39,029 $59,688
IV (Master's + 30) $42,930 $65,653
V (Doctorate) $47,225 $72,221

36 Equated Credit Hour (ECH) Salary Schedule

(Instructor, Associate Degree Programs)

I (Associate's) $37,947 $58,033
II (Bachelor's) $41,742 $63,837
III (Master's) $45,916 $70,219
IV (Master's + 30) $50,508 $77,242
V (Doctorate) $55,557 $84,965

12 Month Salary Schedule

(Including Counselors, and Librarians)

I (Associate's) $42,880 $65,576
II (Bachelor's) $47,167 $72,133
III (Master's) $51,884 $79,347
IV (Master's + 30) $57,074 $87,283
V (Doctorate) $62,780 $96,010

Change in Academic Credentials

It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the Human Resources department in writing of any change in academic credentials and provide the appropriate transcript evidence. Upon verification by Human Resources of the transcript evidence and upon determination that a change in salary is appropriate, the employee shall be entitled to the new rate of pay retroactive to the date that written notification was received by the Human Resources department. See Rule: 6Hx23-2.24 - CHANGE IN EMPLOYMENT GRADE FOR INSTRUCTIONAL PERSONNEL

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to verify the accuracy of the Human Resources determination of his/her pay grade prior to the signing of the contract. Once a contract is signed by the employee it may not be modified to pay additional sums retroactively should it later be determined that the determination of pay grade was incorrect. Adjustments may only be made prospectively.

St. Petersburg College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Visit the EA/EO website.

This college does not discriminate against a qualified individual with disabilities because of the disability of such an individual in regard to job application procedures, hiring, advancement, or discharge of employees, employees compensation, job training or other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. Except when undue hardship exists, the College shall endeavor to provide reasonable accommodations to a qualified individual with a disability. If you have questions regarding this policy please contact the EA/EO office at 727.341.3261.

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