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Long Range Strategic Plan 2009-2011

Approved by Library Advisory Board, 17 November 2008
Approved by City and College Administration December 2008
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Goal 1: Community Commons and Diversity

The library will be an inviting and accessible place supporting a collaborative community interchange and lifelong learning through the use of its facility, technology, collections, services, and programs for patrons of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Objective 1.1: Promote and market library facilities, collections, programs and services (based on available City and College funding). Special emphasis will be given to:
    • supporting collaborative, diverse interchange.
    • creating comfortable, technology-rich, user-friendly spaces online and in-house for community patrons, college faculty and students, and aspiring professionals.
  • Objective 1.2: Present or sponsor programs each year aimed at a diverse community audience, with emphasis on attracting non-library users (based on available City and College funding).

Goal 2: Information Literacy and Critical Thinking

The library will promote information literacy and critical thinking to foster understanding, support sound decision-making, and guide action.
  • Objective 2.1: Provide instruction to enhance the information literacy skills of community patrons and college students (based on available City and College funding).
  • Objective 2.2: Encourage the use of information literacy skills to cultivate critical thinking.

Goal 3: Lifelong Learning and Academic Support

The library will develop and promote collections that support the personal enrichment, recreational, academic, and professional goals of its patrons.
  • Objective 3.1: Provide thematic displays and programs on topics of current interest on a regular basis (based on available City and College funding).
  • Objective 3.2: Sponsor a regular program in the area of reading and discourse.
  • Objective 3.3: Promote circulation of tween and young adult materials through monthly and seasonal displays, special event promotions, regular, summer, and outreach programming, and new strategies in selection, purchasing, and collection development (based on available City funding).
  • Objective 3.4: Build and promote the use of a core academic colllection (based on available College funding).

Goal 4: Staff Development and Training

The library will foster development and training of staff and volunteers for high quality public service to both community and College.
  • Objective 4.1: Provide training opportunities annually for library staff and volunteers to support patron- and student-centered library operations and services (based on available City funding).

Goal 5: Evaluation and Assessment

The library will evaluate and assess its performance with a view to ongoing refinement and improvement.
  • Objective 5.1: Ascertain the level of user satisfaction with the library’s collections, programs, and services through appropriate survey techniques.

Governance and Funding of the Library

The governance of the library is defined by the Intergovernmental Agreement between the City and College, City Council Resolution 2003-07 establishing the Library Advisory Board, and the Interlocal Agreement of the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative.

The Intergovernmental Agreement defines the partnership between the City and the College in two broad areas in regard to governance. The College is responsible for library administration and facility services, including building maintenance, computer networks, telephones, custodial and building security services, printing/photocopying services, and capital maintenance. The City is responsible for library management and operation in regard to daily activities and services, including staffing. Although the partners have primary responsibility in their given areas, each confers with the other concerning those areas.

The Library Advisory Board is composed of five members – two appointed by the City, two by the College, and the fifth jointly appointed by both the City and the College. It is intended to be a board for citizen input from both community and campus in the policies and management of the library.

Participating cities and taxing districts, along with Pinellas County Government, constitute the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative. A nine-member Board of Directors sets policy for the Cooperative Administrator and staff at the PPLC offices in Clearwater, and is advised by a representative from the Library Directors Advisory Council. The Interlocal Agreement defines the cooperative functioning of the member libraries, which provides for free library service to all eligible residents of Pinellas County, development of a multi-library network to maximize sharing of resources, continuing development and support for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, and promotion and coordination of continuing development of library facilities and services. While remaining independent libraries, the member institutions function cooperatively in many ways to improve overall service throughout the County.

Funding of the library is through several sources:

City of Seminole, which appropriates funding for most staffing costs and for certain operational costs, excluding operational costs funded by the College.

St. Petersburg College, which appropriates funding for maintenance/repairs, electricity, water/sewer, custodial, building security, telecommunications, computers networks, photocopying and computer printing, collection security, capital maintenance, and for staffing costs associated with additional operating hours when College classes are in session.

Pinellas County through the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative, which allocates funds based on the “funding formula” in the Interlocal Agreement.

State of Florida, which appropriates funds through the State Aid to Libraries program, locally administered by the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative.

In addition, the Friends of the Library, through their fund-raising efforts, regularly contribute supplementary monies for enhancements of the collection, equipment, or staff performance and development.
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