Thomas M. Lancraft

Thomas M. Lancraft

Previous to teaching at St. Petersburg college, I spent about 15 years as a Biological Oceanographer researching Subtropical and Antarctic oceanic deep sea fauna at the University of South Florida marine science program. . During those years I published many referred articles, spent over two years at sea, participated in six scientific expeditions to Antarctica and dived three times to the bottom of the ocean in research submersibles. My areas of interest included the trophodynamics and community structure of oceanic ecosystems and the ecophysiology of deepsea fish. Visit my curriculum vitae.

Since 1986, have taught at the Natural Science Department at St. Petersburg College. My teaching experience includes Human Anatomy (introductory and advanced with cadaver), Earth Science, Introductory and majors Biology. Now, my major responsibilites involve Anatomy and Physiology courses. I have published workbooks and manuals for our Anatomy and Physiology lab courses.

I have also authored A and P multimedia for my lecture courses (Interactions) and laboratory experiment simulation software (PowerPhys) for some of my labs. I am also interested in the use of concept mapping as a learning tool.

My work in online course development includes the first online biology lab in Florida. Further online course development includes four Anatomy and Physiology courses and one Human Anatomy course at SPC. In my role as the Course Design and Learning Coordinator for HAPS Institute, I directly designed or facilitated the design of another eight courses. I have considerable experience in several different course management systems.

All of my SPC courses are "blended" (using internet technologies to supplement communication, content delivery and assessment in face-to-face courses) or, entirely "online".

Recent additional instruction, outside St. Petersburg College, includes several classes for HAPS Institute that were involved in "teaching" other professors how to teach Anatomy and Physiology, using technology. Furthermore, I am employed by the New York Chiropractic College in their Master of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction (MSHAPI) program to facilitate instructional techniques in A&P courses.

I am a long time member of Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (since 1993) and have held several committee chair positions in Technology and Web-related committees. I was chair of the committees that created the Society's Position statement on Distributed Learning in 2000 and revised it in 2011. I recently received this year's (2012) President's Award that recognizes service in the Society.

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