Suggestions to successfully navigate a science course

In order to be successful in any course, you need to understand how the course is designed. Most courses have an extensive syllabus that explains the "rules" of the course. Use it!

write down the preferred contact information for the instructor

purchase required materials and/or textbook, immediately

write down the descriptions of each type of graded assignment, note how the assignments need to be submitted

write down other required procedures in order to progress through the course

determine the relative"weight" of each graded assignment

duplicate the schedule or calendar assignment due dates onto your personal calendar

create study sessions for each day of the week (if possible) and put these onto your personal calendar
note other important dates (exams, drop date, holidays) onto your personal calendar

write down the rules for attendance, noting what actions, or inactions, may result in being dropped from the course

find out what course resources are available, note which resources determine what is going to be assessed

note any extra credit or other "unusual" assignments that need special attention

write down any syllabus statements that describe consequences of violating course policies

determine the best way to study for the course topics

Begin understanding each course by using the syllabus!

Professor Thomas M. Lancraft
Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses
at St. Petersburg College
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