Using flash cards for studying

".. index cards, index cards, index cards! I should invest in index card stock!! I take the pics from the lab content, cut them out, paste them to an index card and write all relevant info. on them. Then, I read them over and over and over. When I'm not studying via index cards, I am attempting to regurgitate the info." Student, Lori M.

Making flash cards can be a very effective form of studying. Learning with cards can tell you what you DON'T know, and makes you work on your weaknesses.

buy a lot of 3X 5 index cards;
make one card for each important fact, structure or concep (example);
        write fact or concept name on one side;
        use lecture notes and objectives but write  description of term, in your own words,  on other side;
        use as few words as needed, in large font;
        if information includes structures then draw pictures, on same side as term;

always take and use cards with you during your daily schedule;

shuffle cards (term/picture side up) and then state, out loud,  the description of the term;

shuffle cards (description side up) and then state, out loud,  the term;

shuffle cards (description side up) and then describe the picture;

arrange the cards to "construct"  a structure that represents the concept (for instance, arrange cards in an orderly sequence of time, or location, or procedure);

share cards with other students;

click on this image for an audio message on using flash cards for more effective studying

Use down time during your day to do more effective studying with index cards.

Professor Thomas M. Lancraft
Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses
at St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus

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