Influencing teachers

Asking questions for clarity is very important too me. I like having email access to the teacher so that no matter what time of the night or day I can just send an email with a question. Student Robin A.

How you interact with the teacher will strongly influence how well you do in a course. Some suggestions include:

ask thoughtful questions;

do advance preparation for upcoming  lectures or assignments;

attempt to see the teacher's point of view;

don't complain to the teacher but instead focus on  the material and state your concerns objectively;

let the teacher know that you think the course content is important;

let the teacher know that you sincerely want to do well in the course;

have the lecture notes,  textbook and other course supplies with you in class, and when you see the instructor;

complete assignments on time!

Show genuine interest in the course material!

Professor Thomas M. Lancraft
Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses
at St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus


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