Study using learning styles

"Things that have helped me in this class were learning my style of learning. for me it is reading the material in small broken up chunks, then writing what i have learned down. re-reading the material and then re-writing the material i have read until i can explain to myself everything in detail and the repetition of writing helps with the spelling. That works for me." Student Dj A.

Use your preferred way of learning to maximize your understanding.

Print Learner

Aural (Auditory) Learner

Interactive Learner

Visual Modality

Haptic (Hands-on) Modality

Kinesthetic Modality

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Using the above methods, according to your learning styles, may improve and reinforce your learning.

Professor Thomas M. Lancraft
Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses
at St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus


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