Motivation is very important in learning.
"I truly believe it's just how badly you want it. You get out of it what you put in. I am so busy with the kids that the only time I get to study is when they sleep. So, what I do is put them to sleep, go to bed to refresh my brain and get up around 3 am when my husband gets up for work and put in 2-3 hrs of reading over the material and trying to understand it." Student Denise R.

If you are committed to learning then you will be able to overcome any problems that you may have with studying or testing. Along those lines, improve your motivation by:

finding a sense of discovery-- the human body is fascinating in its complexity;

being responsibility for your learning-if you want to learn then learning will be easier and more fun;

realizing that learning effectively has its own rewards-increasing your own competence and self-respect can feel great;

understanding that learning anything, even if it does not achieve a "passing" grade,  is still working towards  a goal of success-knowing what you don't know is knowing what you need to learn;

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Celebrate the achievement of your goals-a job well done!!!.

Professor Thomas M. Lancraft
Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses
at St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus


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