Predicting exam content

In order to do well on quizzes and exam, it is important to  predict what is on the exam. Good teachers will NOT tell you what is on a test as the ability to determine the importance of information,  is considered a VERY important skill.

Suggestions on predicting exam content:
use course objectives, if provided;

pay attention to lecture notes;

note clues the instructor brings up in lectures (writes on board, mentions importance, says something several times, asks questions to class);

make a list of the "top ten" important topics;

share list of important topics with instructor and other students;

review any previous exams or practice exams;

click on this image for an audio message on predicting exam topics

A major aspect of studying is determining what is important!

Professor Thomas M. Lancraft
Human Anatomy and Physiology Courses
at St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus


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