At your service

If you have hearing or vision loss, a chronic illness, an emotional, learning or physical disability, the college's Accessibility Services department has programs to help meet your needs.

Request Assistance

If you need help completing the online application or have questions about applying to or attending SPC, please contact an Accessibility Services Coordinator. If you need assistance with Sign Language interpreting, complete this request for a Sign Language Interpreter.

Coordinators Phone Campus
Jeff Zeigler  727-791-2710 Clearwater Campus
Ray Hollowell   727-341-4316 St. Petersburg/Gibbs
Dr. Tonya (TJ) Williams  727-341-7913 EpiCenter and SPC Downtown
Elizabeth Shumate 727-712-5789 Tarpon Springs
Stefanie Silvers  727-341-3721 Health Education Center
Kelli Mitchell  727-394-6289 (TTY) Seminole Campus
Lisa Gould  727-398-8284 (TTY) Midtown/Allstate Campus

Who is eligible?

As a student at SPC with a documented disability, you may be eligible to receive services. If you think you have a disability but have not had it documented, your campus Accessibility Coordinator will explain how to get proper testing or assessment. To be documented, you must have a recent report from a licensed physician or psychologist or an IEP or SOP from your high school.

What services are available?

Appropriate, reasonable accommodations are offered based on documented needs. Accommodations might include:

  • Adaptive technology
  • Enlargers
  • Early registration
  • Tutors
  • Notetakers 
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Real-time captioning
  • Testing arrangements
  • Classroom modifications

What are the benefits?

Students who use these services tend to have:

  • Higher GPAs 
  • Fewer withdrawals from courses
  • Better graduation rates