Receiving credit in Career Connections programs

To receive credit for a specific training program and/or Computer Literacy credit

  1. Complete a career, technical or academy program at your high school or technical college and/or Computing for College & Careers or Intro to Information Technology. You can earn credit for both of these.
  2. Apply online to SPC 
  3. Complete our online SPC Request for Credit form.

To receive credit for industry certifications

  1. Earn your industry certification
  2. Apply online to SPC 
  3. Complete a Request for Credit form.

Articulation Application Process for high school and career and technical education students

Step 1
Meet with a high school guidance counselor, career and technical education instructor or technical center staff to identify program of interest and appropriate coursework.

Step 2
Complete the selected career and technical education program with the necessary grade point average. A student must earn a GPA of 3.0 or better in the selected program and an overall unweighted GPA of 2.5 or better, to qualify for FREE credit.

If your unweighted GPA is at least 3.0, SPC's dual enrollment program offers you the opportunity to receive additional FREE credits toward your degree.

Step 3
Complete the SPC application process and become degree seeking in the aligned degree/certificate program. This must occur within the designated time frame after graduating from the high school or technical center program. For the majority of articulating programs, a student must enroll at SPC within two to three years of graduating from high school or a technical center to receive the FREE college credit.

Articulated credit may only be applied to an Associate of Science degree or Certificate program. The one exception is articulated credit earned for computer literacy programs (Computing for College & Careers, Introduction to Information Technology, Microsoft Office Specialist). Computer literacy credits may also be applied to Associate of Arts degrees at SPC.

Step 4
You can receive credit for both career and technical education programs and for computer literacy programs. Complete our Request for Free College Credit online form for each qualifying program.

Step 5
SPC will process your request and record a grade of "P" (Pass) on your student transcript for all earned FREE credit, based upon the details of the signed Articulations Agreement.

Note: Articulations may have stipulations aside from the major requirement that the student be degree seeking in the aligned A.S. or Certificate program and have applied for the articulated credit within the specified time frame. Some articulations require copies of credentials, proof of competency in the articulation area to our program standards or completion of a certain number of credits in the program prior to awarding the articulated credit. See each articulation agreement for exact details.

Please contact the Career and Technical Education Coordinator at 727-341-3198 with any questions you may have on this process.