Public Policy Administration

Public Policy AdministrationAttend Info Session

Tuesday, Apr. 7
Seminole Campus, Seminole Library Rm LI-270
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Become a leader in your community and make a difference!

Earn a bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Administration at St. Petersburg College

With a degree in Public Policy and Administration, students can make decisions and influence policy that affects an organization, a community, a whole state or the entire nation. A strong understanding in policy analysis is required in order to design effective new policies and carry them out. Students who major in public policy and management are introduced to the theory and process of policy formulation and implementation in the political/governmental arena.

What is the Public Policy degree about?

The Public Policy and Administration degree program offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the processes of policy development and implementation through direct government action as well as public and private interaction. The curriculum focuses on:

Course Offerings

The Public Policy curriculum is primarily face to face and will require students to attend on campus (Seminole and Clearwater Campuses). There are some limited number of classes that can be taken online.

Prepare yourself for exciting career opportunities!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 40 percent of all Public Policy graduates are employed in government positions. A large number of Public Policy graduates become employed in the private sector for businesses and corporations, 10 percent in education, 3 percent in nonprofit administration, and 5 percent are self-employed. Provided is a list of related career options in Public Policy.