career pathways students

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is career pathways?

    Career Pathways is a nationwide program designed to provide high school or adult post-secondary students a head-start toward a college degree or certificate.

    Career Pathways is a rigorous technical and academic curriculum that includes:

    • 4 years of high school (with focus on a specific career area) and/or
    • 1-2 years of technical school
    • Students earn an Associate of Science Degree or Technical Certification that prepares them to enter the workforce upon graduation or in many cases to continue to a Bachelor's degree program if they so wish.

  2. What is an articulation agreement?

    An articulation agreement is a signed document between schools that indicates the specific responsibilities and parameters in which courses completed at one school will be accepted for credit at the second school.

  3. Who has articulation agreements with St. Petersburg College?

    St Petersburg College has articulation agreements with:

    • Pinellas County high schools
    • Technical schools
    • Other public and private high schools, colleges and universities
    • State of Florida
    • Business and industry

  4. How do articulation agreements benefit a student?

    Articulation agreements benefit a student in several ways:

    • They assist the student in making a smooth transition from one level of education to another without causing delays.
    • They eliminate duplication in coursework and learning.
    • They reduce the loss of credits earned when a student transfers from one school to another and in many instances award credit in recognition of relevant learning in the earlier Career Pathways program.
    • They save money for the student or his/her parents.

  5. How much does it cost for a student to receive articulated credits at St. Petersburg College?

    There is no charge to a student for articulated credits awarded by St. Petersburg College. They are free!

  6. What articulation agreements does St. Petersburg College have with my current school or educational program?

    Click on the appropriate link on the left side of this page to view specific articulation opportunities.