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Faculty Credentialing Booklets and Forms

SPC Teaching Disciplines and Faculty Credentialing Guidelines

Bachelors +62 or Masters +30 Form (January 2008) 

SPC Credential Evaluation Form

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BOT Rules Regarding Faculty

6Hx23-2.022 — Certification of Instructional, Administrative and Professional Personnel

6Hx23-2.201 — Rules about Full Time Instructional Personnel

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Human Resources Employment Opportunities

Human Resources Policies, Procedures and Manuals

Faculty Credential Guidelines

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Accreditation Information-- U.S. Network for Education Information (General)

Accreditation Information—U.S. Network for Education Information (Accrediting Associations)

College Catalogs

Council for Higher Education Accreditation

Course Descriptions

Faculty Competence (SACS Compliance Document)

Foreign Credential Evaluations: NACES Member Organizations

Higher Education Directory

PeopleSoft Training - Student Information Systems, Instructors and Courses Query

Regional Accrediting Bodies

SACS Web Site
 - Principles of Accreditation: Foundation for Quality Enhancement
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SPC's Mission & Goals

Student System Documentation Library (for credential queries)

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