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Adjunct Hiring Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I begin the search for part-time teaching opportunities?
  2. Visit the College's Adjunct Instructional employment page. This link let's you browse open positions and also apply to them.

  3. How long will my application be considered active?
  4. All St. Petersburg College applications are considered active for a period of 180 days (6 months). You will have the option to keep it active after the 180-day period.

  5. Who gets my application?
  6. You decide that based on answers you give on the application, namely: at which campus(es) you want to work and in what discipline(s) you believe you are qualified to teach. When you submit your application, it will automatically be directed to the appropriate program directors and deans at the campus(es) you selected.

  7. What transcripts do I need to submit and when should I order them?
  8. For each degree you have earned or for course work that will be used to credential and/or establish your rate of pay, please submit an official transcript to the Program Director or Dean. Transcripts are only required from adjuncts being formally considered for a position. It is not necessary to order them to apply for a position.

  9. If I am offered an Adjunct position, what happens next in the employment process?
  10. You will meet with a Human Resources representative after being contacted via phone and email to attend an orientation session, which consists of a background check and new hire paperwork. Currently the schedule is Tuesday 8AM, Wednesday 12PM & Thursday 5:30PM. Each meeting lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of individuals scheduled to attend.

  11. If I am to attend an orientation session, what should I bring with me?
    • Your Driver's License
    • A second form of identification (Social Security card, Birth Certificate or US Passport) to verify your eligibility to work within the US.
    • A blank check to set up direct deposit, which is now mandatory with the college

  12. How much will I be paid as an Adjunct Instructor?
  13. There are several factors which go into determining the rate of pay for an adjunct instructor. Those who will be teaching a credit course for a lower division subject will be paid based on the highest verifiable degree held and the total number of ECH (Equated Credit Hour) being taught. This rate changes for those who will be teaching an upper level credit course as well as those who will be percent of load instructors. Non-credit instruction will be paid based on an hourly rate depending on the course being taught. Please see the salary schedule for more details.

  14. Will I have access to any benefits?
  15. As an Adjunct Instructor, you are considered a part-time, temporary employee with no access to benefits of any kind.

  16. What is Mandatory Alternative to Social Security?
  17. While you are employed as an adjunct faculty member at St. Petersburg College, you will be automatically enrolled in a 403(b) Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan in lieu of participation in Social Security. This means that the College will deduct and deposit 7.5% of your gross earnings to an account established in your name with TIAA-CREF. TIAA-CREF has been selected by the College to fund the Alternative to Social Security Program. This plan does not provide for matching contributions by the College under provision of the IRS Code 3121(7)(b).

  18. Will I have to go through any type of background screening process?
  19. With the Lunsford Act, all institutions that have minors on their campuses must run FBI fingerprint screenings on all employees, volunteer and outside vendors. If you are offered an Adjunct Instructional position, you will be fingerprinted when you attend orientation. Your hiring is dependent upon successfully passing this screening.

  20. If working from home, what kind of computer system requirements do I need?
  21. Minimum requirements:

    2 gigahertz (GHz) processor
    512 megabytes (MB) of RAM
    High speed internet with DSL


    2 GHz processor
    1 gigabyte (GB) RAM, 2 GB or higher
    High speed internet with Cable or Fiber

  22. Is there any training provided for Adjunct Faculty?
  23. The college requires the following online training:: Information Technology Security Awareness Training, SPC Emergency Plan and ICS Overview, Lines of Reasoning: Preventing Sexual Harassment, and the College Experience.

  24. How often do adjunct faculty get paid?
  25. Most adjunct faculty are paid four times during Terms I and II (fall and spring) and twice during Term III (summer). However, if an adjunct instructor is teaching a class that does not meet for the traditional number of weeks, that pay schedule is adjusted accordingly. Adjunct/Supplemental pay dates can be found on Payroll's web site. Pay information is outlined on the Instructional Assignment Letter mailed each term to each adjunct instructor.