LassawChallenge of Modern Art Interactive Gallery

Walk Through a Painting - Visitors are able to step, literally, into one of Abraham Rattner's paintings to a zone where sight and touch are used for learning what art is.

Preconceptions - Hanging signs feature questions and comments regarding art. Visitors learn the responses to those comments and questions.

Elements & Principles - Standing within a semicircular structure, visitors view panels depicting the six elements and six principles of design from Allen Leepa's book, The Challenge of Modern Art, as well as view paintings that are interpreted in these elements and principles.

interactive1Activity Area - Visitors have an opportunity to create art through various media such as colored panels and magnetic string as well as have a sensory experience with art at a demonstration table.

Guernica - In this theater-like space, visitors find a full-size reproduction of Pablo Picasso's (Spanish, 1881-1973) Guernica.

20th Century Time Line - Visitors experience a time line of major cultural and historical events set against art movements of the 20th century.