Leepa: Abstract Dialogues

This gallery features Allen Leepa (American, b. 1919 - 2009), an artist, educator, author and philanthropist committed to abstraction and art as spiritual expression - a philosophy that is pivotal to understanding his work. This gallery features work Leepa created in high school, paintings he showed in major exhibitions and large masterworks that explore theories of visual perception. Abraham Rattner was Allen Leepa's step-father.

At right: Allen Leepa (American, b. 1919 - 2009)
Confession of a Clown, 1950

Pastel and oil on canvas, 31 x 29 in.
Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art


At left: Allen Leepa (American, b. 1919 - 2009)
Negative and Positive, 1979

Acrylic on canvas, 115 1/2 x 91 in.
Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art
Adopted by Tony and Patti Leisner, in honor of Frank and Jean Hensel