Share your love of science

This teacher preparation program combines laboratory-based science work with practical, school-based experiences to prepare you for professional certification to teach science in middle and high schools. You earn a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Science and Biology Education (grades 6-12). You'll be prepared to teach a wide range of science courses found in the modern high school, including biology, marine biology, anatomy and physiology and environmental science. Many of our graduates certify in chemistry as well.


St. Petersburg College's Science Education Biology Emphasis B.S. Degree prepares you for employment as a high school teacher where you will:

  • Enjoy hands-on laboratory experiences that make learning exciting for students and teachers
  • Help students develop a scientific view of the world, as well as creative and critical thinking skills

Scholarships, grants and loan forgiveness programs may be available.

Science Education Biology Emphasis B.S. Degree Curriculum

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