florida's only Dental Hygiene B.A.S. Degree offered completely online

SPC's Dental Hygiene B.A.S. Degree is the first and only bachelor's degree program in dental hygiene in Florida and is one of the largest degree completion programs in the nation. This online program can help licensed dental hygienists improve their career opportunities in management, education or sales.


  • This degree completion program is for licensed dental hygienists who want to progress from their associate to bachelor's degree.
  • The program is offered completely online and has no campus or residency requirements.
  • Classes are very interactive with discussion boards that foster professional camaraderie.
  • Students are accepted during the fall and spring and progress through the program in 24 months with the same 15-20 students.
  • Courses are offered one at a time for six to eight weeks, followed by one week off.
  • Your capstone course lasts 14 weeks and integrates your career interests through teaching, interning or observing.

Career Outlook

This program is for licensed dental hygienists seeking a bachelor's degree. Research linking oral health and overall physical health continues to increase the demand for preventive dental care.


Graduates of our programs work in dental offices, public health clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, managed care facilities, dental hygiene education, dental and pharmaceutical sales and management. Dental hygiene programs seeking qualified faculty will require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

what You Will Learn

  • Contemporary issues and trends in the practice
  • Leadership and management skills that enhance your career
  • Educational concepts and teaching presentations
  • Research methodologies and analysis of current publications
  • Advanced ethics

Dental Hygiene B.A.S. Degree Curriculum

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