Health Sciences A.S. Degree Prepares you for a health care career

Our Health Sciences A.S. Degree and embedded certificate in Health Care Services prepare you to work in the health care field. 

This degree also offers specific focus areas for each lower division limited enrollment health program. This lets you focus on the required prerequisites for your chosen program by taking the courses you need to be considered for admission. If you are not selected for admission to the focus area you choose, you may remain in Health Sciences A.S. degree or choose from other options. Consult with a career specialist at the Health Education Center to explore your options.

The Health Sciences A.S. Degree transfers to our B.A.S. in Health Services Administration.


What you will learn

  • Basic knowledge of health care delivery, medical language, anatomy and physiology, disease process and pharmacology within a health care organization
  • Administrative functions required of an entry-level health services manager, including the management of medical supplies, departmental budgets, IT and reimbursement systems
  • How to comply with legal and governmental requirements related to health services management
  • How to implement appropriate management strategies as an entry-level professional to effectively lead a safe and ethically responsible health care team.

Important Information

Health Sciences: General Health Sciences Focus Curriculum

View Health Sciences: General Health Sciences Focus curriculum