Health Services Administration B.A.S. Degree prepares you for success

If you have previous training in a health field and want to move up in your career, our online Health Services Administration B.A.S. Degree can be your ticket. Designed to prepare you for career advancement or entry-level managerial positions, this degree offers specialized concentrations depending on your background. The final semester-long capstone course integrates your career interests.


  • Classes are offered online
  • Courses are offered in 8-week sessions (except the 15-week capstone experience)
  • Final semester capstone course integrates your career interests


  • Management
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Compliance and Security
  • Human Services
  • Respiratory Care

You Will Gain

  • A broad-based knowledge of health care delivery systems
  • A better understanding of health care policies, ethics and current issues
  • Effective communication, leadership and critical thinking skills
  • An overview of strategic health management and planning


As a medical and health services manager, you plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services, either through managing an entire facility, a specific clinical area or a medical practice for a group of physicians. Careers include:

  • Entry-level Hospital Department Manager
  • Coordinator or supervisor in a health care facility or human services agency
  • Sales representative
  • Educator
  • Consultant

Notice to transient students

Please be advised that all students, including transient students, are required to adhere to the HSA Program Handbook, the HSA-APA Style Guide and SPC Academic Honesty Policy. These documents are available for review in every HSA, HSC, and HUS core course.

Health Services Administration B.A.S. Degree Curriculum

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