Choose your fire specialty

Ready to take your firefighting career to the next level? Our Fire Science Technology Associate in Science Degree gives you a scientific understanding of fire hazards and how to control and prevent them. The Fire Officer Supervisor Certificate is part of the A.S. degree.

Move up in your firefighter career

Depending on what you specialize in, our Fire Science Technology A.S. degree prepares you for the following careers:

  • Fire Officer

Our fire officer training prepares you to work as an officer or supervisor in fire departments and agenciesas a lieutenant, shift commander or fire chief.

  • Fire Inspector

Our fire inspector training prepares you to work as a fire inspector, fire marshal, fire safety inspector or fire prevention specialist.

  • Fire Investigator

Our fire investigator training prepares you to become a fire investigator, arson investigator or fire marshal.

Fire Science Technology A.S. Degree Curriculum

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