Earn an associate degree in environmental science

As the world around us grows more complex, so too does our need to take care of it. Gain the scientific background of how we impact the environment and how society tries to keep it in check through environmental regulation and compliance.

Industry Certifications

As part of your coursework, you may be eligible for the following industry certifications:

  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Generator Training
  • Qualified Stormwater Management Inspector
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-Hour


  • Choose from three specializations: sustainability, water resource management or environmental resources and energy management
  • Enhanced earning potential
  • Knowledge of green practices
  • The ability to help your organization meet environmental standards
  • Knowledge of how to manage air and water pollution remediation
  • Awareness of environmental regulations and compliance
  • The ability to operate and calibrate lab and field instruments for quantitative and qualitative analysis of pollutants

Continuing Your Education

This 64-credit-hour A.S. degree transfers to our Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainability Management. 


With this degree, you can choose your specialty:

  • Water Resource Management - includes courses in hydrology of wetlands resources, urban pollutants and hazard waste/materials management and others
  • Environmental Resources Conservation - includes courses in renewable energy resources and natural resources conservation and management


Our Environmental Science Technology A.S. Degree prepares you for a career as an environmental technician, who supports a sustainable environment through monitoring, investigating and preventing pollution. Opportunities for environmental science technicians exist in private consulting firms, state and local government, water and wastewater treatment plants and the utilities, manufacturing and renewable energy industries. See job profiles for:


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Environmental Science Technology A.S. Degree Curriculum

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