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Meet eCampus Students

Laura, an eCampus student"I am an Army wife living in Germany. When we moved here from Texas, I tried to enroll in the college that is provided for military students, but there were no daytime classes and no childcare available to me, nor did we have an extra car I could drive to class. The situation seemed impossiblebut online classes made it possible, with easy access from a computer anywhere.

I love the interaction with the other students and the discussion postings. As a military family, our situation is always changing, but if theres a will, there's a way. Even if you can't say when you'll be able to finish, with online classes you're still learning and developing, and the sense of accomplishment you'll receive is the best."
- Laura

Kamara, an eCampus student"Since I'm a high school math teacher, I can't take daytime classes, and I didn't want to have only evening classes. With online classes, I was even able to vacation with my family this summer.

I was very nervous about taking online courses because I never had before, but it has proven to be not as difficult as I first suspected, and quite convenient. I can get up in the morning and complete assignments from my bed (I have a laptop)!

I especially like using the assignment drop box and chatting with other students; they are a great resource. I've also learned not to be afraid to ask my professors questions; they respond promptly and have been very helpful. eCampus classes are great!"
- Kamara

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John, an eCampus student "I feel that I learn more from an online class that I do in a traditional setting, because of the Web resources that are available.

Ironically, I also get to know my classmates better. Years ago, when I took entry-level classes at another college, there were 500 people in some of my classes. It was very impersonal, and I would rarely even sit next to the same person, much less get to know anyone. In all the online classes I've taken--11 so far--the instructors required students to interact and respond to each other via the bulletin board, so you automatically get acquainted that way.

Online classes are ideal for me."
- John

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Maria, an eCampus student"I am a 38-year-old working mother of three teenage girls. I came to this country four years ago from Puerto Rico and had to learn English before I could even get a job. I took one class at SPC this past summer, and now am taking more classes each session.

My dream of completing a college degree is only possible because I can take online classes and still carry out my responsibilities as an employee, wife and mother. I do my assignments at 6 a.m. each morning before leaving for work.

When English is your second language, learning in a regular classroom can be hard because you have to learn at everyone else's pace. With online classes, I can learn at my own speed. I use a dictionary to translate and can contact the instructor for help.

Online classes have opened up the opportunity for me to complete my dream."
- Maria

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Dianna, an eCampus student "If it weren't for SPC eCampus, going to college wouldn't have been possible for me! I am a professional truck driver and travel all of the 48 states and into Canada. Classes online have allowed me the freedom to be employed and further my education at the same time.

The cyberadvisor is great! He answers all my questions without a lot of mumbo jumbo confusing talk and I really understand exactly what I need for my requirements.

I have a Sierra Aircard that allows me to have mobile internet with my laptop and I can be driving through Oklahoma City at midnight and still be able to take my tests! It's great! Online eCampus ROCKS!"
- Dianna

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Lynn, an eCampus student"I started my college career in 1976, while working three jobs. I completed that first semester, but I knew it would be very difficult to obtain a degree by attending college full time in a classroom setting. Still, I kept taking classes whenever possible.

Over the years, I was often passed up for job promotions because I didn't have a college degree. Now, because of the opportunity offered by SPC's eCampus, I am proud to be a college graduate with a bachelor's degree, after completing the last two years of my course work online.

After "30 years of college," I've started my own small business, and I'm looking forward to reaping the fruits of my hard work. But I could not have done it without the eCampus program. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."
- Lynn

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Grace, an eCampus student"I had to take some classes to renew my elementary teaching certificate, but as a stay-at-home mom with three small children, I just couldn't attend a class on campus.

At first, the idea of an online class seemed overwhelming; after all, I hadn't taken any kind of course in 15 years!. But once I got into it, I really liked it. I did my class work in the evening after the kids were in bed.

Posting messages to the discussion boards and reading other students' messages was like having a discussion in a regular class, except that you can give more thought to your responses, and everyone can participate equally.

When I had finished the class, I looked back and thought, "Wow, I really learned a lot!" Now, I'm always telling people that if they want to go back to school, this is definitely the route to go."
- Grace

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Meet eCampus Faculty

Jennifer Lechner, eCampus instructor "As an online instructor, I have grown to appreciate the complex and busy lives of students. Online students can be the most overachieving and dedicated of all students. For many of them, if they didn't take online classes, they wouldn't be able to go to school. For that reason, I try to give students the warmth and personal attention of the classroom experience in the online environment.

My goal is for each student to feel like they are talking and conversing with a real person on the other side of the computer by building a relationship. I give personal feedback and try to connect with each student. I have also learned students appreciate you if you respond to their questions and needs promptly, so I am never too far from my computer."
- Jennifer Lechner, Ed.D.

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Kevin Morgan, eCampus instructor "I love teaching online. Online students need to be self-motivated, but they can also find more academic freedom and opportunities for expression. Unconstrained by classroom meetings, online discussion tends to be richer, with some discussions continuing throughout the semester.

In addition, online students frequently form authentic and lasting communities; they get to know each other beginning with introductions in week 1 and often post heartfelt goodbyes to the whole class at the end of the term! In general, online students are highly motivated and a pleasure to work with."
- Kevin Morgan, Ed.D., Philosophy/Humanities/Literature

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Sunita Kumari, eCampus instructor "Being an online instructor gives me a sense of satisfaction in meeting the needs of every student one-on-one, especially those who take the initiative to maximize their learning.

My most successful students are those who are strongly motivated and inquisitive about the course setup and content, and who keep me abreast of their progress.

Online learning is definitely for students who want to work independently and enhance their critical thinking skills, and who are disciplined enough to remain committed throughout the course."
- Sunita Kumari, MSc, Economics/Computer Science

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