Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

University of South Florida

Master’s - Blended

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida provides an opportunity for qualified applicants to earn an 18-credit-hour Graduate Certificate in Mathematics, through distance learning and/or in-person coursework, in two years (six semesters). Graduates of the program are qualified and well-prepared to teach a variety of courses at Florida Community Colleges.

The Certificate in Math program curriculum consists of six courses; three Core Courses: MAS 5311 Algebra 1, MAA 5306 Real Analysis 1, MTG 5316 Topology 1; and three additional courses: MAS 5215 Number Theory, MAA 5405 Applied Complex Analysis, MAP 5407 Methods of Applied Mathematics. Each semester, including the summer, one core course and one additional course are offered.
Applications to the program are evaluated by the Mathematics Admissions Committee, where they are screened for sufficient mathematical background to enter the courses listed above.
Lectures are delivered in a classroom setting, the videos of which are made available for distance-learning students to view in real-time. Instructors will post their course materials on the course websites, where students will also submit their corresponding homework assignments.