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Important Dates

First Day of Classes

  • Aug. 13: Regular, online and 1st 8-week modmester classes begin
  • Aug. 17: Weekend classes begin
  • Sept. 10: Express classes begin
  • Oct. 8: 2nd 8-week modmester classes begin

Deadline to Enroll in Face-to-Face and Blended Classes

  • Prior to the start of the last class meeting of the first week of classes.
    For example, if the class meets MW at 9 a.m., the deadline to register is Wednesday by 8:59 a.m.
    If class meets R at 7 p.m., then deadline to register is Thursday at 6:59 p.m.
    If class meets MWF at 10 a.m., then deadline to register is Friday at 9:59 a.m.)

Any student requesting an override after the deadline date should be referred to the Academic Chairs/Coordinators/Directors, Deans, Advising Managers, Associate Provosts or Provosts to discuss any possible exception to the deadline.

Deadline to enroll in online classes

  • Aug. 13: 1st 8-week modmester
  • Aug. 15: Regular session
  • Sept. 11: Express 12-week classes
  • Oct. 8: 2nd 8-week modmester classes

*No changes made to the calculations for the Dynamic Date session classes.

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