Florida Residency

The tuition you pay is determined by your residency classification. Florida residents pay a much lower tuition rate than out-of-state residents.

How new students prove Florida residency

If you are a Florida resident, you can easily prove residency when you apply online to SPC by providing valid ID numbers for two of the following documents, issued at least 12 months before the first day of your classes:

  • Florida Driver's License or Florida ID
  • Florida Vehicle Registration
  • Florida Voter's Registration

If you are a dependent student (you are under the age of 24), you will need to provide documents of a parent or legal guardian. If you can't provide two of the items above during the online application process, you will be classified initially as a non-resident. Unless you apply to change your residency status before the first day of classes, you will continue to be be classified as a non-resident and charged the higher tuition rate.