NIP Learning Support Commons

Hours for Spring Term 2013

Monday – Thursday
7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

7:30 AM – 1:00 PM

The NIP Learning Support Commons is a federally funded program of academic support for pre-health and health education students. Because graduates of these programs work in such critical occupations, the health education curriculums are quite demanding and require long hours of concentrated study. NIP Learning Support Commons
provides a rich assortment of resources and services to help students meet this challenge.

At NIP Learning Support Commons you can:
  • Locate Study Aids
  • Sharpen Note-taking and Study Skills
  • Overcome Test Anxiety or Reduce Stress

For more than a decade NIP has assisted students when they've struggled to comprehend a concept or keep up in class. In the great majority of cases the student catches up or catches on. When you're with NIP the odds are with you.

What type of help is available? Who is eligible for help?

Our federal mandate is to assist special-population students in health and pre-health programs who are seeking an Associate in Science degree or certificate.

Where are we?

NIP Learning Support Commons is located at the corner of 66th Street and Park Blvd. in Room 199 of the Caruth Health Education Center. Phone (727)341-3724.

What does it cost?


This program is supported by Federal Vocational Funds provided through The Florida Department of Education Division of Vocational Adult and Community Education.