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10:30 am - 11:00 am
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Immediately upon graduation from Florida State University, I began teaching political science and history at then-St. Petersburg Junior College. After teaching for 17 years, I was appointed program director for the Social and Behavioral Sciences on the Clearwater Campus. Over the years until I retired, I was given additional administrative responsibilities in the  Humanities and Fine Arts, Education, Architecture and Building Arts, Graphic Design Technology, the Interpreter Training Program and the Women on the Way Challenge Center. Even while administering these programs, I continued to teach American National Government to students each semester. After retirement, I have taught political science and history classes at the Seminole, Tarpon Springs, Midtown and St. Petersburg Gibbs Campuses. I love teaching and I have never lost interest in my academic discipline. I do recognize that, for the most part, I am not teaching majors in my classes but citizens who will have the opportunity to participlate in the American political process. Philosophically, It is important to me that students come to appreciate our political system with all of its genius and flaws, and that democracy will survive to be passed on to the next generation only if American citizens are educated and willing to do whatever it takes to protect our freedoms, values and liberties for which thousands of Americans have given  their lives and continue to risk them today in places all around the world.

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History, Political Science

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0490   Fall Term 2014
AMH 2020  HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES II 1603 SEMIn Class Aug 18 2014Dec 12 2014
POS 2041  AMERICAN NATIONAL GOVERNMENT 1241 SEMIn Class Aug 18 2014Dec 12 2014