Roni Murphy

 Roni Murphy

Office Information

St. Pete/Gibbs Campus
TE 107B
Assistant Professor of Accounting/ Management
(727) 341-4628
(727) 499-9006


My educational background includes a BS in Marketing Management from Florida Southern College, a MBA  from the University of Central Florida, and a Graduate Accounting Certificate from Saint Leo University. Prior to teaching I spent 11 years in sales and corporate training. I also was a small business owner. 
I made a career transition in 2006. I took my corporate training experience and applied it to the college classroom.   I am now blessed to be one of those people who LOVE their job. 
When I am not on campus I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. I like to jog, swim, fish and go to the beach. 

Office Schedule

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8:00 am - 2:00 pm
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus, TE 107-B
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus, TE 107-B
8:30 am - 11:00 am
St. Pete/Gibbs Campus, TE 107-B

Classroom Schedule

Classes shown below are for the current term: Fall Term 2014 (0490)

ACG 2021   #1023
SP TE108
6:00 pm - 8:40 pm

Subjects Taught

Accounting General, Management

Course Schedule

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Spring Term 2015 (0495)
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting0008SPBlended1/12/153/06/15
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting1848SPOnline1/12/153/06/15
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting2434SPOnline3/16/155/08/15
ACG 2071   Managerial Accounting2454DTOnline3/16/155/08/15
ACG 2071   Managerial Accounting3088SPOnline3/16/155/08/15
ACG 3113   Intermediate Accounting II3827ECOnline3/16/155/08/15
ACG 3103   Intermediate Accounting I3837ECOnline1/12/153/06/15
Fall Term 2014 (0490)
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting1023SPBlended8/18/1410/10/14
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting1374SPOnline8/18/1410/10/14
ACG 2071   Managerial Accounting2615SPOnline10/13/1412/12/14
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting3252SPOnline10/13/1412/12/14
ACG 2071   Managerial Accounting3333DTOnline10/13/1412/12/14
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting4450DTOnline10/13/1412/12/14
ACG 2071   Managerial Accounting4451SPOnline8/18/1410/10/14
MAN 2940   Management Internship5010SPIndependent Study8/18/1412/12/14
ACG 2940   Accounting Internship5103SPIndependent Study8/18/1412/12/14
Summer Term 2014 (0485)
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting0005SPOnline5/19/147/11/14
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting0542SPOnline5/19/147/11/14
MAN 2021   Principles of Management0810SPOnline5/19/147/11/14
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting1431SPOnline5/19/147/11/14
ACG 2021   Financial Accounting1437SPOnline5/19/147/11/14
MAN 2940   Management Internship1464SPIndependent Study5/19/147/11/14