Jeanna Ojeda, Ph.D.

 Jeanna Ojeda, Ph.D.

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Tarpon Springs Campus
LY 143
Associate Professor of ESL for Academic Purposes
(727) 499-9055


Jeanna Ojeda, Dr. of Linguistics from the University of Florida, in Gainesville
Tarpon Springs Campus - St. Petersburg College
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Our EAP Program mission is to attend to the needs of every learner. The focus is meaningful academic and interpersonal English language communication skills gains.  The benefits are an improved proficiency and skills and abilities to help overcome barriers in assimilating into U.S. communities, academia, and the workplace.  Many of our students will complete SPC certificate or degree programs after they complete EAP.

Our academic intermediate to advanced EAP classes keep the learning "real" and "face-to-face."  Courses qualify for financial aid, in some cases, and the highest levels EAP1695 and EAP1500 earn credits toward some degree programs:

TWO STEPS to EAP Class Enrollment if you are a returning student:
  • NEW students please see BELOW


It is always best (easier and faster) to register EARLY for classes. If you are a currently registered student, do NOT wait until after exams if you want to be sure to get the classes you prefer! There are two easy steps:
Step 1, Register for classes
Step 2, Pay tuition and fees.

How to register?

ONE WAY to register:

You may prefer to register online.

FALL 2014 CLASSES start on August 18 and end on December 12

To register online, you must first choose the correct session: 0490 (Fall 2014);
then add your classes by choosing the correct Class Number, indicated below for Tarpon Campus:

3-credit course of (advanced) accent reduction:
• EAP 1501 Pronunciation Class Number (Nbr) 1141- Friday - 9:00 AM to 11:40 AM 

9-credit integrated skills courses that include reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary:
• EAP 1695 Adv II ESL Class Nbr 251- Mon and Wed - 8:30 AM  to 12:30 PM 
• EAP 1595 Adv I ESL Class Nbr 248- Tuesday and Thursday - 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM 
• EAP 0495 Intermed ESL Class Nbr 979- Tuesday and Thursday - 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

3-credit listening, and speaking:
• EAP 1500 Adv List and Speaking Class Nbr 244- Wed - 5:30 PM to 8:50 PM 
• EAP 0400 Intermed II List and Speaking Class Nbr 2002- Wed - 9:00 AM to 12:20 PM

Registration remains open until classes begin, BUT IT IS ALWAYS BEST to register EARLY.

ANOTHER WAY to register:

For personal face-to-face registration assistance, please visit Tarpon Springs Campus and see Ms. Pat Alvarez or any Counselor or Advisor. For additional information, please contact:
• Dr. Dr. Laura Smith    (727) 712-5795
• Ms. Pat Alvarez    (727) 712-5785



How to pay?
Students registered but who do not pay August 1 or before will lose their class seat. They will then need to register again, and pay.

There are two ways to pay:

Please note: if you have financial assistance (FAFSA aid), please visit the Financial Aid office to ask about payments.Y

ONE WAY to pay:

You may prefer to sign up for the Tuition Payment Plan:
Tuition Payment Plan: An Easier Way to Pay for College


You may prefer to pay all at one time, in person, at the BUSINESS OFFICE. Take your fee schedule printout with you.



  • Are you a NEW STUDENT?

  • Here is information about how you can get started.

  • Please read below including contact personnel information:


First, if you are an International Student with an International Student Visa (or requesting a visa), please contact Ms. Angela Cole: Phone (727) 791-2632. Please also see web site:

Otherwise, if you are *not* an International Visa Student and have:
•       proof of ONE YEAR or more of living in Florida and
•       a green card, OR U.S. citizenship, or proof of asylum status
and if Tarpon Springs Campus is convenient for classes for you,
please contact Ms. Pat Alvarez to get started in the registration process. Alternatively, you may enter the Administration Building of Clearwater Campus or St. Petersburg Gibbs Campus and inquire about registration at those locations. Ms. Pat Alvarez is the Testing Coordinator for the Tarpon Springs Campus. She helps new English language learners begin.  Make an appointment with her at:  Phone (727) 712-5785. You will need to:
1.      visit the Administration Building of St. Petersburg College with two proofs of residence--and a photo i.d.
2.      complete an application form and pay a nominal charge of approximately $40
3.      acquire a new student number;
4.      schedule a time and day for the placement test to indicate your English levels--in reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, and listening;
5.      Pat Alvarez will contact you within a few days by phone or email to inform you of your course placements;
6.      you will need to return to St. Petersburg College and complete the registration process with Pat Alvarez or any Academic Advisor. Just walk in and tell the Front Desk Receptionist that the purpose of your visit is to register for classes.
7.     after registering, pay for your classes. Students who pay before the due date will receive a benefit of credit at the bookstore!

If Pat Alvarez is out of the office, you may also contact Dr. Laura Smith at (727) 712-5795 or

If I can assist you in meeting your learning goals, please email (quickest response) or call me at the Tarpon Springs Campus. Kindly speak or write in English, giving your full name, location, and the specifics of your request.  I wish you all the best!

Our mission is YOUR success!

Kindest Regards,
Jeanna Ojeda , Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English as a Second Language for Academic Purposes

St. Petersburg College -- Tarpon Campus, Office Lyceum 143 -- Phone (727) 712-5828,,


Office Schedule

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Classroom Schedule

Classes shown below are for the current term: Fall Term 2014 (0490)

EAP 1695   #0251
TS BE411
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
EAP 1595   #0248
TS BE411
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
EAP 1695   #0251
TS BE411
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
EAP 1595   #0248
TS BE411
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
EAP 1501   #1141
TS BE411
9:00 am - 11:40 am

Subjects Taught

English Non-Native Speakers (college-level)

Course Schedule

= Jeanna Ojeda has added information specific to this course. (syllabus, video, class meeting times, etc.)

Spring Term 2015 (0495)
EAP 1595   Advanced ESL I0911TSFace-to-Face1/12/155/08/15
EAP 1501   English Pronunciation1679TSFace-to-Face1/12/155/08/15
EAP 1695   Advanced ESL II2039TSFace-to-Face1/12/155/08/15
Fall Term 2014 (0490)
EAP 1595   Advanced ESL I0248TSFace-to-Face8/18/1412/12/14
EAP 1695   Advanced ESL II0251TSFace-to-Face8/18/1412/12/14
EAP 1501   English Pronunciation1141TSFace-to-Face8/18/1412/12/14
Summer Term 2014 (0485)
EAP 1500   Advanced Listening/Speaking1829TSFace-to-Face5/19/147/25/14
EAP 1501   English Pronunciation1830TSFace-to-Face5/19/147/25/14