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It is my conviction that education is the key to success in any discipline.  We are behavioristic in nature and are constantly engaged in learning activities, formal and/or informal.  I applaud those who have made the decision to participate in activities that will ensure their continued growth and development.

I have been actively involved in educational facilitation as an Adjunct Instructor, Information Technology Trainer and Mentor for more than 20 years.  I serve as a member of the St. Petersburg College Corporate Training Advisory Board (past member of the Business Technologies Advisory Board).  I am a seasoned Information Technology (IT) practitioner and a 26-year veteran of local government. My educational credentials include: Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology, Florida State University; Master of Arts Degree in Guidance and Counseling, University of South Florida; I have completed Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership and Management as well as Business Administration/Management.   I serve as an Adjunct Instructor in Applied Ethics at St. Petersburg College and as the Systems Development Manager for the City of St. Petersburg.  I am the proud mother of an accomplished young performing artist.  Besides enjoying my young protege's performances,  my interests include traveling, reading, and music, community involvement.



Subjects Taught

Ethics, Philosophy

Course Schedule

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0490   Fall Term 2014
PHI 1600  STUDIES IN APPLIED ETHICS 1896 CL In Class Aug 18 2014Dec 12 2014
PHI 1600  STUDIES IN APPLIED ETHICS 672 TS In Class Aug 18 2014Dec 12 2014
0485   Summer Term 2014
PHI 1600  STUDIES IN APPLIED ETHICS 1745 TS In Class May 19 2014Jul 11 2014