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My name is Spyridon G. Patton (Spiro for short). The name is not unique although few have encountered it. It is Greek and is the name of a major saint in the Greek Orthodox Church. I was born and raised in Reading, Pa. I received a Bachelors' from Penn State in economics in 1973 (Yes, Joe Paterno was coach then!) and a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1978, also in Economics. Between 1978 and 1990 I was a full-time tenure track Professor at Penn State, Widener University and Villanova University. I did the whole nine yards. I have over 20 publications to my credit as well as 30 papers and a slew of book reviews. I taught a variety of Economics courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.
In 1990 I went part-time in order to work in a family business (commercial painting) and in 1993 I left academics entirely to pursue a career in retail management after we sold the business. (As a note we staked our claim to fame by painting water tanks and sewage treatment plants, as well as a couple of Walmarts). I served as a manager with Wawa (a convenience store chain), Eckerd Drugs and Wal-Mart. (All of this in Pennsylvania). These years provided me with practical hands on experience which has proven quite valuable. 

In 2000 my wife's company, TIAA-CREF, afforded us the opportunity to move to Tampa, FL. (Her parents reside in St. Petersburg). I decided to return to education and completed coursework at the University of South Florida to teach secondary social studies. However the lure of college was too strong I returned to the college classroom. Between 2004 and 2009 I taught for Webster College and Rasmussen College in the fields of Economics, Management and Math. I have also taught and tutored online courses since 2003 and I have developed several online courses for a company called Deltak, mostly upper level courses in Economics and Management Yes, I am a crusty veteran of higher education, but it is my life, except for my little niece and my philately (look it up!) Whether in person or online I thoroughly enjoy what I do. DeVry has an excellent reputation and I consider it an honor, a challenge and a pleasure to work with you.

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0490   Fall Term 2014
ECO 2013  PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS 2145 DT In Class Aug 18 2014Oct 10 2014
ECO 2023  PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS 2146 DT In Class Oct 13 2014Dec 12 2014