Dr. Robert W. Riester, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert W. Riester, Ph.D.

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Monday through Thursday centered around before and after classes.


I received a BA in Psychology from West Virginia University and an MS and PhD in Psychology from Auburn University. I am a member of the "baby boomer" generation. I spent much of my career as a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Alabama, Texas, and the Washington, DC area. I have been teaching at SPC since 1-99. I view myself as a student-centered teacher who enjoys the classroom and my students. I have been married long enough to have become a new grandfather in 12-05. I now have three granddaughters. I spend much of my time doing physical activites to slow down the inevitable changes that come with age. I enjoy my church, reading, music, movies, running (jogging is a more accurate term), walks with my wife, and time in the swimming pool when it is so hot outside. I continue to hold on to the desires to learn Italian and play the piano, in spite of continuing experiences that reflect my utter mediocrity in both endeavors. Persistence is one of my character traits.

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