Dr. William T. Manikas, Ed.D.

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I have been teaching at SPC for six  years. I have been in the teaching field for forty sevenyears.

I have studied at Univ. of Fla., Boston Univ., Colgate Univ. and Florida Atlantic Univ.

I have traveled to China, Greece, Scotland, England, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Canada, Panama,Costa Rica, Guatemala, Switzerland, paris, France and the Bahamas.

In  the summer of 1977 I studied in Greece. Courses included classical art and modern Greek History.

In the summer of 1994 I was a Fulbright Scholar in The Peoples' Republic of China. I studied Chinese History and Chinese Culture. I traveled from Gongchou in southern China to Beijing in northern China and to Xian in central China.

My interests include writing and watching sports on T.V. I am a Miami Dolphin Fan and a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

Hopefully in the Spring of 2013 I will be teaching a course on Modern Greek History, 1821 - the Present

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Political Science

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