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I'm Dr. Amy Hale, cyber prof and educational facilitator. I teach HUM 2210. I am both an anthropologist and folklorist, and have worked with the Cornish people on the far western peninsula of Britain for over a decade. I received my B.A. in Anthropology from New College in Sarasota and my M.A. and PhD in Folklore from UCLA. I have been designing and teaching web based courses since 1999 when I was working in the U.K., and I love it. In addition to teaching, I do a lot of writing and research. I've co-edited two books (New Directions in Celtic Studies and Inside Merlin's Cave: A Cornish Arthurian Reader), and currently working on two more and written about thrity articles, mainly relating to modern Celtic subjects. Outside the classroom I enjoy writing, travel, and all sorts of outdoor activities. I live in Oakland CA with my husband and our two cats.

My teaching philosophy is very student centered. I firmly believe that we're all in this learning journey together. I like to get my students to use critical thinking skills and try to apply what they learn to their everyday lives. As a teacher, helping students to think critically and ask good questions is to give them the best tools around! If you need to contact me, ANGEL e-mail is your best bet, and I try to respond within 24 hours. My SPC e-mail address is halea@spcollege.edu. I do not have a phone extension but if you need to speak with me, e-mail me to arrange a chat or phone an e-campus advisor on (727) 394-6106.

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No classroom schedule for the current term: Fall Term 2014 (0490)

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Spring Term 2015 (0495)
HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to0355ECOnline1/12/155/08/15
HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to2263ECOnline1/12/155/08/15
HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to2751ECOnline1/12/155/08/15
Fall Term 2014 (0490)
HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to0422ECOnline8/18/1412/12/14
HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to2071ECOnline8/18/1412/12/14
Summer Term 2014 (0485)
HUM 2210   Western Humanities:Ancient to0422ECOnline5/19/147/25/14