Foundation Scholarships Spring 15

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Ride Free! Show your student or staff id and ride the PSTA bus for free.

Register now. Complete classes in 12 weeks. Express session classes start Sept. 15.

 Some classes for fall will be in new MyCourses, which will replace ANGEL in Spring 2015. 

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Withdrawing from classes can cost you

If you are a financial aid recipient and are thinking about dropping your classes or withdrawing from the college, please consult an academic advisor or a financial aid counselor first. Learn more.

Proctored testing fees outside of Pinellas County

Many online classes require proctored testing for midterms or finals. Testing at our four designated proctor sites is free of charge for SPC students. Additional fees may apply if you need to test outside Pinellas County. Fees vary according to the outside proctor's fee schedule.