Test fees


Payment of test fees may be made at any of the campus business offices. A receipt showing payment for applicable test fees must be presented at the test center before testing.

Test fees
Test Fee
CPT, first-time for placement Free
CPT retakes $15
CPT for non-SPC students $20
Basic Computer Information and Literacy Test (CGS 1070) $10
Distance/Correspondence Test for non-SPC Students $20
CLEP examinations ($80 for CLEP and $15 for SPC) $95

Fee exemptions

  1. Bright Futures students do not have to pay the $15 SPC administration fee for CLEP. 
  2. Students who have received a fee waiver from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) do not have to pay fees for CPT retakes or the $15 SPC administration fee for CLEP.