Offsite testing for SPC students


If you live outside of Pinellas County and can’t come to SPC for the College Placement Test (CPT) or online proctored exams you can arrange to take your exam elsewhere under the supervision of an approved proctor. An approved proctor is someone authorized by SPC to administer the exam. To make arrangements, follow the instructions below. If you need additional help, e-mail or call 727-394-6006.

NOTE: If you are transferring classes from another institution, please contact an advisor to review your transcripts and test scores to see if you need to take any sections of the College Placement Test.

Offsite CPT for new SPC students:

  1. Complete a Designating a Proctor Form 

Offsite CPT for returning or transfer students:

  1. Complete an online advising request 
  2. Complete a Designating a Proctor Form 

To take online proctored midterms and final exams:

  1. Review Proctored Testing Information.
  2. Complete a Designating a Proctor Form