Attend commencement ceremony

CalendarFall 2016 Commencement Ceremony
Saturday, Dec. 10, 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.
First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks
12685 Ulmerton Rd., Largo, FL

Commencement is the event or formal celebration of the degree being earned. It is a time for you to receive well-deserved recognition for your hard work.

Register for Commencement Ceremony

The deadline to get your name in the commencement ceremony program is Friday, Oct. 28, 2016. If you are planning to attend, make sure you register early to get your name in the program. To register:

  1. Log in to MySPC 
  2. Choose My Learning Plan, from the top navigation
  3. Choose Register for Commencement  
  4. Complete the checklist and submit
  5. Choose which ceremony you plan to attend
  6. If you need to make changes to your Commencement Checklist once it is submitted, please send an email to 

Since SPC holds the commencement ceremony prior to degrees being verified, students are considered a candidate for graduation. Participating in the ceremony does not imply or suggest you have met all graduation requirements. Graduation certification is made by Admissions and Records after final grades are verified. Your degree becomes official when it is reflected on your transcript and not by your participation in commencement exercises. You will not receive a diploma at the commencement ceremony. Confirmation of degree completion will not take place until official grades are posted.

The commencement program is printed prior to the recording of grades for the term. For commencement program purposes only, it is necessary to identify honors designations for candidates for graduation based upon their all-college cumulative grade point average at the beginning of the term.

Arrival time for candidates 

Morning Ceremony:
8:30 a.m. for candidates picking up honor cords
8:45 a.m. – for all other candidates

Afternoon Ceremony:
 12 p.m. for candidates picking up honor cords
12:15 p.m. – for all other candidates


First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks
12685 Ulmerton Rd., Largo, FL   


Parking is free. You can access the venue through one of three entrances from Ulmerton Road.


Candidates will be in full academic regalia (cap, gown, tassel).

  • Students can purchase their cap and gown for a nominal fee from the Barnes & Noble campus bookstores.
  • The suggested attire for men is a white dress shirt, dark tie, dark shoes and dark pants under their gowns.
  • The suggested attire for women is dark shoes, dress with a neckline that does not show above the collar of the gown. Wear comfortable shoes as the processional is long.
  • The cap should be placed on your head so that the mortar board is level, with the long point of the crown to the back. The front point should be well down on your forehead with no hair showing in front. All tassels should be worn on the right side.  
  • Candidates receiving bachelor’s degrees wear colored tassels that vary according to their majors. Please let your bookstore know if you are receiving a bachelor’s degree.

Honor Cords 

If you are receiving an associate or bachelor's degree with honors, you will receive gold cord(s) in recognition of your academic achievement. Honor cords will be distributed prior to the ceremony. Your overall GPA (A.A., A.S. and A.A.S. recipients) for honor cords must be at least 3.30 for one cord, and 3.80 or above for two cords (high honors). Your overall GPA for a bachelor’s degree must be at least 3.50 for one honor cord and 3.80 or above for two honor cords. The GPA used to compute honors eligibility is based on the prior term cumulative GPA and can be found on your unofficial transcript in MySPC.


 Guest seating is limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Guests should enter through the Worship Center. 

In order to assist us in making this occasion pleasant for everyone, please read and follow the important instructions below:

Seven days prior to Dec. 10  

If you are a student with a disability who requires accommodations, our staff can provide accessible seating, interpreters for the deaf or hard-of-hearing and other accommodations as needed. Please call Accessibility Services at 727-341-3398 to make arrangements at least seven days prior to the ceremony.

Aug. 15 - Dec. 9, 2016

Purchase your cap and gown at your campus bookstore.

Dec. 10 – Before  start of ceremony 

  • Arrive dressed in your cap and gown. Candidates are to enter through the Fellowship Center.
  • You should receive a name card in the mail the last week of the term; please bring it with you. It is used to call your name as you walk forward to receive your diploma cover. If you do not receive a name card in the mail, extra name cards will be available at the ceremony.
  • Your personal belongings (handbags, keys, etc.) should be secured with a friend or family member.

During the ceremony 

  • Please: Turn off cell phones and beepers during the ceremony.
  • A professional photographer from GradImages will be on stage to take your picture as you greet the president.
  • As a courtesy to your classmates and their guests, please inform your guests to remain seated throughout the ceremony and refrain from moving about to take photographs. Guest will have ample time following the ceremony to take pictures of you.
  • All candidates and their guests are expected to remain until the entire ceremony is over.
  • Please plan for approximately 2 hours.
  • The commencement ceremony is a formal event. Please use good judgement and celebrate your accomplishment in a way not to disrupt others.

After the ceremony 

  • After the College has verified that all degree requirements have been met, diplomas will be mailed within two weeks. Honors designation on your diploma will be based on your final cumulative GPA. 
  • To see proofs and order copies of professional photos taken at the ceremony, log in with your last name and the year of the ceremony at GradImages.