Managing Your Money


Money Basics

Maybe you find yourself with more month than money (higher expenses than your income). Maybe you don't know when your student loans go into repayment and you don't even want to think about how much you owe. Maybe you have started paying back your loans, but are facing 10-15 years of repayment.

Money! It's quite a touchy subject. Something we rarely talk about with people other than our significant other. But...

NOW is the time to talk about it. 

Don't be embarrassed or afraid to start talking. Talk about creating a budget and sticking to a budget. Talk about not borrowing student loans if you don't have to. Talk about how a large purchase will affect your credit rating.

Use the following to help get you on the right track to managing your money wisely.

The CollegeBoard offers Financial Planning Tips.

Wherever and however you start the conversation, just start it. 

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