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Use these sites to enter information about yourself, your affiliations, and interests to determine which scholarships you may be eligible to apply for.

Scholarship search info from the federal Department of Education

FastWeb is a large, accurate, and free database with frequently updated scholarships. It provides automatic e-mail notification of new scholarships that match the student's profile.

College Board's FUND FINDER lists scholarships and other types of financial assistance from 3,300 national, state, public and private sources. The database is updated annually. lists scholarships for all students. Scroll down to see categories of scholarships that you might be able to apply for, including “unusual” scholarships and scholarships for “average” students. offers a scholarship search and hosts an online community that invites students to create topics in an open forum, share their comments, and vote online to determine who is leading the most interesting conversation. is a large and free independent scholarship search and financial aid information resource.

Careeronestop contains over 7000 available scholarships, fellowships, loan and other financial aid opportunities.  This site does not require you to create a profile to see available scholarships.

Projecto Vision includes scholarships that are specifically for Latinos and students with disabilities. It also leads to other websites that list a variety of scholarship opportunities. These other sites may focus on specific disabilities or on a student who is living in a certain state or attending a certain university. Others focus on scholarships for Latinos or for minorities in general.

International Education Financial Aid contains a comprehensive college scholarship search and grant listing plus international student loan programs and other information to promote studying abroad.

Careers and Colleges offers information and resources to help you prepare for tests, explore colleges, and search scholarships. offers a searchable free database of scholarships, grants, and contests. offers searches of private and college/university specific scholarships. offers a match service for all types of scholarships.

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