Jacob Severn, Honors College


Jacob Severn, U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Jacob SevernJacob Severn’s family has been serving in the military since the Civil War. Now, the Early College and Honors College graduate is headed down a similar path at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“I always saw myself as serving my country in the military,” Severn said. “My father was a big influence on this decision because he did ROTC at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and hearing his stories of training and service inspired me.”

He said his greatest challenge was getting accepted to West Point.

“That was the lengthiest and most time consuming part of my year,” Severn said. “I needed essays, interviews, physical fitness tests and letters of recommendation.”

The greatest challenge was that during the fall 2009 term, he applied to every military academy in the U.S., along with six other colleges and for three ROTC scholarships.

He will pursue a degree in mechanical engineering at the military academy in the fall.

Severn joined the Honors College during his first term at SPC in 2008.

“Honors classes made me feel valued as an individual and inspired me to achieve the very best in those classes,” he said. “My experiences have challenged me to work hard, work with individuals of diverse backgrounds, and learn how to think creatively.”

“Attending SPC also exposed me to individuals of unique cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. I have really grown to appreciate diversity and the perspectives it offers.”

Before enrolling at the college, he attended two years of public high school but was not motivated or challenged by his classes, he said.

“The Honors College held me to a higher academic and ethical standard,” he said. “I feel more academically prepared for West Point because I was a part of the Honors College.”