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  • Explore the traditions and cultures of world religions

    Humanities and liberal arts classes help students understand the human condition through the lens of religion, philosophy, art and music. Religion courses introduce students to the many dimensions of human experiences while exposing them to different cultures. At SPC, students will gain insight as they study religious traditions and examine the different perspectives of world religion. 

  • Some Religion classes can help satisfy the general education requirements for the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree or meet the common prerequisites for your chosen four-year major.
  • A liberal arts education with courses in Religion can serve as the foundation for advanced degrees and for professions such as law and teaching.

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    • SPC's Career Services 
    • What Do You Like? - Explore career information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • My Career Shines - Plan your future with MyCareerShines from the Florida Department of Education
    • SPC Career Pathways - A partnership between SPC and the Pinellas County School Board that gives high school students free college credit for high school and technical programs.

    By the numbers

    • Occupational Outlook Handbook – Job profiles covering hundreds of occupations from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • Career One Stop - Tools for job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals from the U.S. Department of Labor
    • What People Are Asking - Florida job and wage data for specific areas from Florida's Labor Market Statistics Center
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