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Apply to Study Abroad at SPC

ImportantExplore the details and costs of the upcoming programs to decide which one is best for you. Do not purchase your airline ticket, housing arrangements, medical insurance or other related expenses associated with your study abroad program until you receive an official notice from the Center for International Programs. Before you apply, please review qualifications to become an SPC Study Abroad student.

How to apply: step-by-step

  1. Click here to submit our online application.
  2. Pay $200 Deposit Fee (as instructed in confirmation email you will receive after your application is submitted)
  3. Submit all required forms  
  4. Submit a copy of your valid passport (Passport expiration date must be valid at least 6 months beyond study abroad program end date)
    If you don't have one, you must obtain your passport at least 30 days before your trip departure date. Read the application package for information about passports, insurance coverage and program participation terms.
  5. Meet with an academic advisor to review any or all prerequisites needed to enroll in the study abroad course, as well as any other factors (holds on your account, outstanding remedial courses, override needed to re-take the course, etc.) that might hinder enrollment.
  6. Interview with and be approved by program's lead faculty member
  7. Be approved by the Center for International Programs
  8. Do you require a visa to visit the country? Many non-U.S. citizens require visas to travel to other countries. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid passport and visa (if applicable.) You must submit a copy of the visa to International programs at least 60 days prior to your study abroad program departure date.

After your application is approved

Once your application is approved, you are required to take the following steps:

  1. Pay all deposits and fees according to the fee schedule
  2. Attend all mandatory pre-departure and class meetings
  3. Submit all remaining required forms and documentation:
    - Copy of your MedEx proof of travel insurance
  4. Obtain all immunizations required by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). In addition, participants are strongly encouraged to get all immunizations and preventive treatments recommended for the particular country and regions through which they will be traveling.
  5. Additional faculty recommendations may be required by study abroad faculty

Once your study abroad experience is completed you will be required to attend all mandatory re-entry and class meetings and submit a program evaluation.