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Belize: Tropical Ecology

Belize Study Abroad

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May 27, 2014

Course dates
July 27 - Aug 8, 2014

Travel dates
July 27 - Aug 8, 2014


Learn About Beautiful Belize

The primary goal of the course is to introduce course participants to rainforest & Central American ecology by combining lectures, labs, and discovery-oriented investigative experiences of rainforest & coastal environments of Belize. Several topics will be covered in depth. These include the general ecology of Belize, ecology of rainforests, identification of rainforest fauna & flora, marine ecology, coral reef ecology, identification of vertebrates, invertebrates and tropical plants.


*Apply early - space is limited! Application, all forms, payments, visa (if necessary), etc. must be processed and completed by the deadline of May 27, 2014.


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InformationAvailable courses

Please talk to an advisor to ensure you have met all college enrollment requirements AND course prerequisites.

1 -Tropical Ecology Syllabus (BSC 2362)
 Prerequisites: (ENC 0025 or ENC 0990) and (REA 0002 or REA 0990) and (MAT 0024 or MAT 0990) or (EAP 1695 and (MAT 0024 or MAT 0990) or (appropriate scores on the SPC placement test). 

2 -Directed Independent Research (BSC 2910)
 Prerequisites: Approval of Academic Chair and Dean of Natural Sciences.Students (individually or in a group) design, conduct, analyze and present biological research that is proposed by the student. 

PhoneLead faculty contacts

After you submit the application online, we will review your application and e-mail you with details of scheduling your interview with the Belize trip lead faculty, Jim Wallis, 727-712-5403.