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Required graduate courses

The St. Petersburg College graduate course requirement is no longer in effect for new full-time faculty hired on or after July 1, 2011 as previously defined in College Rule 6Hx23-2.022.

Faculty members hired on or before June 30, 2011 are still expected to complete the graduate course requirement as outlined in the original College Rule.

These courses are offered through SPC as non-credit online versions or through USF and UCF as credit courses.

Course Options

(College of Education faculty members exempt from Course 1)
Course 1 Options
(choose one)
SPC (non-credit) - Excellence in Academic Instruction OR
USF (credit) - Seminar in College Teaching OR
UCF (credit) - Teaching & Learning in the Community College
Course 2 Options
(choose one)
SPC (non-credit) - Trends, Perspectives & Leadership in Postsecondary Education OR
USF (credit) - Community College in Higher Education OR
UCF (credit) - Community Colleges in America

SPC Non-credit

SPC - (Non-credit) St. Petersburg College (SPC) offers both of the required courses in an online format located in SPC’s ANGELTraining learning management system. Excellence in Academic Instruction is equivalent to Seminar in College Teaching and Trends, Perspectives, and Leadership in Postsecondary Education is equivalent to Community College in Higher Ed. Please contact Bridgette Willis to enroll.

USF classroom option

USF - The University of South Florida (USF) typically offers the required courses, Seminar in College Teaching and Community College in Higher Ed, in a traditional classroom setting on their Tampa campus, at some Hillsborough Community College campuses, or, when there is a demand, on one of our St. Petersburg College campuses. Learn more.

UCF online option

UCF - The University of Central Florida (UCF) offers the required courses, Teaching & Learning in the Community College (equivalent to Seminar in College Teaching) and Community College in America (equivalent to Community College in Higher Ed). The online format provides some flexibility to accommodate busy schedules. Learn more.

Waiver petitions

 It is possible that you already have met the requirement with prior graduate courses. Or, you may wish to substitute a similar course that meets the intent of the requirement. If this is the case, then you may wish to submit a Petition for Course Substitution. Learn more.

To determine which option suits you best, please explore the pages dedicated to each one. These pages include links to schedules, registration processes and forms, university contacts, reimbursement and textbook procedures.