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Seminole Library's Directory of
Online Resources for Philosophy

100 Encyclopedias and Directories

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Window Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
A Dictionary of Philosphical Terms and Names
The Philosopher's Magazine
Canonical Texts in Philosophy
Philosophy Pages
Intute Gateway to Philosophy
Paideia Project
Diotama a philosophical review
Philosophy News
Principia Cybernetica Web
Voice of the Shuttle General Philosophy Links
The Philosophy Pages
Great Voyages: History of Western Philosophy from 1492-1776
up Center of the Study of the Great Ideas

110 Metaphysics

Metaphysics Multiple Meanings
Metaphysics, introduction
Intute: Metaphysics
Papers on Metaphysics
Ontology: A resource guide for philosophers
Papers on Ontology
Aristotle's Metaphysics
up Stanford Metaphysics Research Lab

120 Epistemology

Epistemology, introduction
Common Sense -- How to exercise it.
Intute: Critical Thinking
Intute: Philosophy of Science
Intute Guide to the Philosophy of the Mind
up Intute Annotated Guide to Resources on Epistemology

140 Philosophical Schools

Voice of the Shuttle Directory of Philosophers & their Works
Guide to Philosophers and Philosophies
Center for Dewey Studies
Journals Devoted to Specific Philosophers or Schools of Philosophy
Voice of the Shuttle Guide to Philosophical Fields

160 Logic

Introduction to Logic
Logical Paradoxes (From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Brain Food--Puzzles for the brain to gnaw on
Logical Fallacies Files
The Electronic Stacks Project --A live electronic dictionary of logic
A Glossary of First Order Logic
Intute: Logic
Blogic a web textbook on logic (must disable pop-up blockers to use this site)
Logic for Fun Gateway
Logic Primer
Logic ToolBox
The Logic Machine
Reading on Medieval Logic
Gateway to logic
up Logic Tutor

170 Ethics

Intute: Ethics
Internet Encyclopedia of Ethics
The Ethical Spectacle Links
Ethics on the World Wide Web
Environmental Ethics
Legal Ethics
Medical Ethics
Military Ethics
International Military Ethics Symposium
Police Ethics
Sports Ethics
Business Ethics
CSRwire: Newswire of Corporate Social Responsibility
Business & Human Rights Resource Center
Business for Social Responsiblity
Social Accountability International
Business Ethics Network
Corporate Research Project
Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy
Business Ethics Links provided by York University, Toronto
Journalism Ethics
Computer Ethics
Ethics in Computing
Computer Professionals for Social Responsiblity
Institute for Global Ethics
Markula Center for Applied Ethics
Applied Ethics Resources
Research Ethics
Public Sector and Government Ethics
International Ethics
President's Council on Bioethics
up Bioethics Web

179.3 Animal Welfare

Directory of Resources on Animal Welfare Ethics
Alternatives to Animal Testings
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Fast Food & Animal Rights
up Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive

179.7 Euthanasia

International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide
up Medline Plus References on End of Live Issues

180 Ancient, Medieval & Oriental Philosophy

Ancient, Medieval & Oriental Philosophy
Greek Philosophy Archive
The Last Days of Socrates
Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Epicurus & Epicurean Philosophy
Machiavelli: Biographies
Machiavelli: Works
Medieval Thought
Essential Readings on Chinese Philosophy
Tao Te Ching
Sayings of Confucius
Indian Philosophy
Institute of Oriental Philosophy
Islamic Philosophy
Peter Abelard
Summa Theologica
The Guide to the Perplexed
Thomas Aquinas
up Maimonides

190 Modern Philosophy

Twentieth Century Philosophy
The Hume Society
Wittgenstein Archive at the University of Bergen
The Karl Popper Web
Romanian Society for Phenomenology
What is Phenomenology
Phenomenology Online
Husserl Page
A Miniature Library in Philosophy
Classical Utilitarianism
Jeremy's Labryrinth: A Bentham hypertext
Existential Primer
The Leon Trotsky Archive
William James
Charles S. Peirce
17th & Eighteenth Century Philosphers
Studia Spinoizian
up Kant on the Web
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